Cornair Photography has been serving Los Angeles and Orange County California for over twenty five years. Most work is shot on location except when studio time is required.  .

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Architecture -- Interior and exterior images of architectural buildings, installations, work-in-progress, details and concepts.

Antiquities and Art -- Antiques, antiquities, coins, sculptures, artifacts as well as flat and 3D art, paintings, watercolors, mixed media.



Hi-Tech/ Medical -- Cutting edge technologies, techniques, research and development, medical and related industries.

People -- Portraiture, people at work, personnel, marketing and PR, lifestyle, corporate portraiture.

Corporate -- Annual reports, business climate, corporate image, human resources, collateral materials for promotional use.

Industrial-- Facilities brochures, documentation,  feasibility studies, manufacturing capabilities.

Theatrical -- Stage productions, theatre, musical productions.

Information -- Information and contact numbers for Cornair Photography and Mike Cornair.

For more information please call
562-927-4166 949-515-7000